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The simulation of fluid dynamics and mass transfer in a double-loop WFGD

QIN Mingchen1, DONG Yong1*, CUI Lin1, SUI Hui1, LIU Jinglong2   

  1. 1. National Engineering Laboratory for Coal-fired Pollutants Emission Reduction(Shandong University), Jinan 250061, Shandong, China;
    2. Power Research Institute Power Company, State Grid Shandong Electric, Jinan 250002, Shandong, China
  • Published:2020-05-26

Abstract: A gas-liquid hydrodynamic model was established by the Euler-Lagrange method to simulate a pilot-scale double-loop wet flue-gas desulfurization(WFGD)reactor. The SO2 absorption mass-transfer model was primarily built on the dual-film theory, and the SO2 absorption procedure was implemented in the commercial software FLUENT through a user-defined function(UDF). The relationship between main operation parameters and the SO2 removal efficiency was analyzed, and the gas and liquid side mass transfer resistance was also discussed. Results showed that the desulfurization efficiency rised by increasing liquid-to-gas ratios and reduced with the improving of superficial gas velocity. Gas film resistance to liquid film resistance ratio was about 0.35 in the lower-loop, while 0.65 in the upper-loop. Studies on the pilot-scale double-loop WFGD tower showed that the simulated SO2 removal efficiency agreed well with the experimental data, with an error of less than 5%. Therefore, the mathematical model can be used to optimize full-size double-loop WFGD structures, as well as to predict the SO2 distribution and desulfurization efficiency.

Key words: double-loop, wet flue gas desulfurization, numerical simulation, mass transfer, multi-phase flow

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