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  • Introduction of Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science)

         Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science), previously named Journal of Shangdong University of Technology, was founded in October, 1956. It is an engineering-science-centered academic journal administrated by the Ministry of Education of China and sponsored by Shangdong University and receives contributions and circulates in China and aboard. The Journal is published bimonthly with ISSN1672-3961and CN 37-1391/T and is mainly devoted to publishing academic papers, research reports and thematic reviews, etc. in fields of applied basic disciplines and engineering specialties, such as Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Control Science, Information Science, Computer, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science and so on.   

    The Journal is covered by famous domestic and international authoritative retrieval institutions, including Comprehensive List of Chinese Core Journals in the Peking University Library, The Key Magazine of China Technology, Chinese Science Citation Database, Sciencepaper Online, China Scientific and Technical Periodical Abstracts (CSTA), Chinese Academic Journal on CD-ROM (CAJ-CD), China Mechanical Engineering Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts (CA) in America, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) in America, Index of Copurnicus (IC) in Poland, etc.

          The Journal has won many awards and honors for its excellent quality. The Journal was honored “Second Prize of Outstanding Journals in the Natural Science Journals System in Chinese Universities” in 1995, 'Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journals in Shandong Province' in 1996, and participated the 'Exhibition of the Achievements of Chinese Publishing' as an outstanding Journal in 1996. The Journal has gained ' First Prize for Excellent Overall Compiling in Shandong Province' in 1995 and 1996, was selected as 'High-Quality Key Journal' by the Research Department of Committee of Education in Shandong Province and Shandong Research Society for Journals in 1997, 'Outstanding Journal in Natural Science and Technology in Shandong Province' in 2000, outstanding journal in implementing the 'Retrieval and Evaluation Norms in Chinese Academic Journal on CD-ROM (CAJ-CD)' in 2003, and 'Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journal in Shandong Province' in 2004. The Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science) was awarded 'Second Prize of Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journals Online in China' by the 'Scientificpaper Online' of the Center of Scientific and Technological Development of Science and Technology Division in Ministry of Education of China in 2008 and in 2010.

    We sincerely welcome contributions from domestic and international scientific and tecnological researchers from colleges and universities of science and engineering and research institutes ! 

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