• “Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science)” Submission Instructions

      The “Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science)” is an academic journal focusing on engineering science that is supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and sponsored by Shandong University. The main types of publications include academic papers, research reports, and special reviews of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, energy and power engineering, electrical engineering, information science and engineering, computer science and technology, environmental protection, chemical engineering, and applied basic disciplines.

      This publication has been selected by the Peking University Library “Overview of Chinese Core Periodicals”, China Science and Technology Core Periodicals, China Science Citation Database, China Science and Technology Papers Online, China Science and Technology Periodical Abstract Database (CSTA), China Academic Journal CD-ROM, China Machinery Engineering Abstracts, American “Chemical Abstracts”, American “Cambridge Scientific Abstracts”, and many other domestic and international authoritative search agencies. 

      1. Scope of Submission

      This publication mainly publishes forward-looking research papers, reviews, and preliminary achievements and latest discoveries on major topics related to engineering applications such as computer science and technology (machine learning and data mining), civil engineering, transportation engineering, energy and power, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, environmental science and engineering, control science and engineering, and mechanical engineering.

      2. Submission, Review, and Acceptance of Manuscripts

      (1) All manuscripts have not been publicly published elsewhere and multiple manuscripts may not be submitted.

      (2) Authors should visit our journal website to download templates to aid in writing manuscripts: → Engineering Science → Download → Paper Templates.

      (3) Our journal currently implements an online system submission and does not accept physical manuscripts or email submissions.

      For submissions, please visit → Engineering Science → Online Submission

      For expert review, please visit →Engineering SciencePeer Review 

      (4) Author signatures should be agreed upon by all authors. Authors should strictly abide by academic norms, fulfill their obligations within their units and former units regarding job achievements and confidentiality, and must not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any individual or unit.

      (5) All manuscripts in this journal are subjected to an expert peer review (double-blind review) and authors can follow the review process online at any time. If an author has not received review comments within three months after submitting their manuscript, they can notify the journal and submit the manuscript elsewhere after receiving a reply. If the author does not notify the journal, then they are considered to have agreed to extend the review time.

      (6) The review fee will not be charged for all manuscripts. Once the manuscript publishing is comfirmed, an APC shall be payable (RMB 200 per thousand characters). After the manuscript is published, we will provide five samples to the authors as a reward. 

      3. Copyright Transfer

      The authors are required to sign the Copyright Transfer Contract and transfer the assignable copyright of the article and the attached abstract, figures and tables only to Shandong University, the sponsor of “Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science)”, who shall have, but not limited to, the following rights: reproduction, distribution, online dissemination, translation, adaption, compilation, broadcast and exhibition. The rights are exercised by the editorial office of the journal on behalf of Shandong University. The journal can publish the accepted works on the internet, create electronic products, and upload them to electronic platforms such as CNKI without paying fees to the authors.

      4. Archive

      Since 2006, all journal articles have been digitally archived and can be searched and downloaded from the journal website. In order to ensure data security, all information has also been backed up in the editorial office. Before 2006, the hard and soft copy of each issue of the journal had been kept in the editorial office for archiving. In addition, other relevant materials are also kept by the editorial office, such as supplementary information and forms provided by the authors.

      Authors submitting manuscripts to this journal are considered to have accepted the provisions of the “Instruction” document.

      5. Contact Information of the Editorial Department

      Address: Room 733, Block B, Mingde Building, No. 27, Shanda South Road, Licheng District, Jinan City “Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science)”

      Tel: 0531-88366735 (editing room)



      We warmly welcome domestic and foreign scientific and engineering colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes to submit papers!


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