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Mechanical behavior of large-span and small spacing road tunnel with biased pressure

WANG Chunguo   

  1. Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd., China Railway 14 Bureau Group, Jinan 250000, Shandong, China
  • Published:2020-08-13

Abstract: In order to analyze the mechanical behavior of large-span and small spacing tunnel with biased pressure, the finite difference numerical simulation software FLAC3D was used to analyze the stress-strain evolution law and to select the construction method by comparing in situ monitoring data with numerical simulation results. The results showed that due to the influence of the biased pressure, the settlement and stress values of the left-line tunnel were larger than those of the right-line tunnel. The principal stress of the tunnel crown and arch waist increased greatly after the excavation, which would increase the shear stress of the tunnel lining structure,at the same time, the principal stress and shear stress of the middle surrounding rock increased. So the stress concentration occurred near the arch waist of the two tunnels. Compared with the change of the axial force of the left-line tunnel, the excavation of the right-line tunnel had a greater influence on the bending moment of the left-line tunnel, especially on the bending moment of the arch waist of left-line tunnel near the side of the right-line tunnel. The results provided a scientific basis for the design and construction of the large-span small spacing road tunnel with biased pressure.

Key words: biased pressure, large span and small spacing, road tunnel, numerical simulation, mechanical behavior

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