JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE) ›› 2016, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (1): 62-69.doi: 10.6040/j.issn.1672-3961.0.2015.075

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Shear property of Yellow River's desposition in unsaturated and high plastic clay

ZHU Xueyong1, HU Wenkai2, XING Qingtao1, LI Peijian3, SHANG Qingsen1*, MAN Tieqiang4   

  1. 1. School of Civil Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan 250061, Shandong, China;
    2. Roads Reconnaissance and Design Institute of Jining City, Jining 272000, Shandong, China;
    3.Roads Detection Center of Shandong Province, Jining 272000, Shandong, China;
    4. The Third Engineering Co.LTD, China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group, Shenyang 110000, Liaoning, China
  • Received:2015-03-23 Online:2016-02-20 Published:2015-03-23

Abstract: To reveal the unsaturated soil's shear property, strength mechanism and main factors affecting them, the shear strength formula for unsaturated soil in three dimensional state was simplified as the total stress strength formula for that in two-dimensional axisymmetric stress state, and also through the unconsolidated-undrained triaxial test of Yellow River's desposition in unsaturated and high plastic clay under different moisture contents and different compactions by conventional triaxial apparatus. The test results showed that Yellow River's deposition's particle and its physical properties had their particularities: high silt containing, low plasticity and the critical range for crushing the minimum moisture content, that was, 4% higher than the best moisture content, which was the critical point for strength declining. Affected by the degree of saturation, shear property under stress was characterized by the interaction among solid, liquid and gas. The largest contribution to the shear strength of Yellow River's desposition was the matrix suction, and its shear strength was bigger than that of other unsaturated soils. The research conclusion could provide theoretical reference for the formation mechanism of the unsaturated and plastic clay's strength, and also for determining the controlling index and process of field rolling.

Key words: unsaturated and high plastic clay, triaxial apparatus, matrix suction, shear strength, unconsolidated-undrained triaxial test

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