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Thermoelectric generator system based on engine exhaust gas

MA Zongzheng1,2, SHAO Fengxiang1, WANG Xinli1, YANG Anjie1,2   

  1. 1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Henan University of Engineering, Zhengzhou 451191, Henan, China;
    2. Research Center of Power Machinery and Vehicle Engineering, Henan University of Engineering, Zhengzhou 451191, Henan, China
  • Received:2015-11-17 Online:2016-04-20 Published:2015-11-17

Abstract: In order to recycle the waste energy from the exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine, one thermoelectric generator system(TEG)based on the TEG technology was experimentally studied. The test bed was added the temperature, voltage and currency measurement system based on the existing engine test systems firstly. Then the impacts of the internal structure of the heat collector on the TEG performance was got by measuring the temperature and noise variation for different inner structure while the impacts of the radiator cooling methods on the TEG performance was reached by measuring the temperature difference of the both ends and output voltage and currency of the TEG. The results showed that the internal structure of the collector with hollow structure was more conducive to maintain the surface temperature uniformity where the temperature difference was under 6 ℃ for the different points which was helpful to electricity energy output, but this structure was not helpful to reduce noise. It also indicated that forced air cooling method was good for improving the TEG temperature difference and enhancing the electricity energy output which could raise the temperature difference by 14 ℃ compared with naturral air cooling method, but the improvement was not changed when the velocity was higher than a limit value, because the heat transfer efficiency was increased simultaneously for both ends of TEG and more energy was released to the environment. Meanwhile, compared with the side cooling method the facade cooling was better which could raise the temperature difference by 15 ℃ except the single face cooling.

Key words: numerical calculation, cooling method, thermoelectric generator, bench experiment, heat transfer efficiency

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