JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE) ›› 2016, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (2): 101-107.doi: 10.6040/j.issn.1672-3961.0.2015.048

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The centrifugal model test of cable stress monitoring for rock slope

GUO Yongjian1, CAO Zhouyang2, SHENG Lijuan1   

  1. 1. Qingdao Guoxin Jiaozhou Bay Traffic Co.Ltd, Qingdao 266500, Shandong, China;
    2. Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, Zhengzhou 450015, Henan, China
  • Received:2015-03-06 Online:2016-04-20 Published:2015-03-06

Abstract: The centrifugal model test was taken to study the stress monitoring for the three typical types rock slopes,with the similar material mass ratio of quartz sand, plaster, and water as 1.50∶1.00∶0.25∶0.50. Test results showed that stress curves of the three typical types rock slopes were more flatted before the slope failure, stress monitoring and early warning were easy to grasp, and with similar properties,stress curves were used in the form of logistic curves fitting. Stress monitoring site of stratified rock slope should be mainly located in lower part of sliding surface. Failure mode of rock slope controlled by structural plane was mainly in the form of tensile shear,and test stress monitoring site of rock slope should be mainly located in upper part of structure plane,stress monitoring site of cataclastic structure rock slopes should be mainly located in upper part of slope. Centrifuge model test results showed that it was feasible to apply stress monitoring method to evaluate the rock slope stability.

Key words: stress monitoring, stability evaluation, logistic curves, rock slope, centrifugal model test

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  • U416.1+4
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