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Corrosion mechanism of metal in water injection system for Shengtuo Oilfield

SUN Limei, CUI Jie, GAO Guoqiang, LU Jianping, CEN Yuanyuan, LIU Chao, MU Xiaobin   

  1. Shengli Oil Production Plant of Shengli Oilfield Branch Company, SINOPEC, Dongying 257051, Shandong, China
  • Received:2014-10-23 Online:2016-02-20 Published:2014-10-23

Abstract: In order to lower corrosion rate of injection water and to improve injection water quality, an investigation on corrosion mechanism of metal was put forth based on analysis of attachments on metal slices and corrosive substances in injection water. The results showed that about 50% attachments(mass fraction)was water, 11%~33% was oil, and 11%~38% was inorganic solid. Hydrochloric acid-soluble inorganic solid occupied 7%~25%, which was made of corrosion products iron oxides(iron hydroxides), iron carbonate, and magnesium/calcium carbonate scales. Therefore, the corrosion was electrochemically induced by O2 and CO2, and under deposit corrosion also happened. The crude oil in injection water could accelerate corrosion indirectly. Crude oil attached to metal traps injection water to compose quiet environmental, where crystals of corrosion products and scales formed and grew up easily. Static corrosion on metal slice produced FexSy crystals, while in flowing state, Fe2+ reacted with S2- to form amorphous iron sulfur compounds, and only limited amount of SRB were found either in injection water or on metal slices, which showed that SRB was not the main corrosion factor.

Key words: Shengtuo Oilfield, metal slice, SRB, corrosion mechanism, injection water

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